Transformational Art in Florence

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Six weeks of transformation

is waiting for you!


The first time I visited Florence, I knew my life would never be the same...

In less than 2 months I returned to this beautiful city, to live there for a year.

I can tell you it's like living in an open air museum!

And now I get to return to my beautiful Florence to share this with you:

a 6 week transformational journey

in Art and Life


discover your own style

develop your artistic skills to a next level and

you will get personal coaching by Angélique Benjamins to reveal your talents

and say goodbye to your inner critic

Monday - Friday

10.00 - 12.30


14.00 - 17.00

discover the poetry and the magic of Florence as well as the relaxing atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside

improve your style and your creativeness, 

and also discover the fundamentals of the portrait and its secrets.


Draw and paint some of the masterpieces of the Italian art inside the most famous museums and gardens of Florence.

Painting Tuscany

There will be field trips Life Drawing and Painting in Pisa and Fiesole

Male and female models posing in the nude for your direct observation of the human body
to develop the study of anatomy and of shades

1 on 1 coaching with Angélique 

as a transformational coach she will guide you

to connect with your true potential

With her help you will discover how to reach for a next level 

as an Artist, as well as in your personal life

Transformational Art in Florence


For this Program you bring your own favorite art materials

The basics are:

a pencil


a sketchbook

paint (water colors/acrylic/oil paint)

Bring an extra journal to journal about your progress and insights

You will have acces to all classes 

during these 6 weeks

and two 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Angélique 

Lunch and hotels are NOT included

we recommend visiting Airbnb 's website

all activities (besides Pisa and Fiesole)

are situated in the Centre of Florence

You will receive exact locations and time tabels after submitting 

Are you as excited as I am 

to take this transformational journey?